Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Success Story 20 Years in the Making

When James was around 9 years old he would play a game called Castlevania on his Nintendo. In the game you are a little guy with a whip who hunts vampires, werewolves, and other monsters. He was never able to beat Dracula who is the very last villan that you fight before you win the game.

Well, now that we have the Wii system, you can go and buy a lot of retro games online. (I, myself am a Dr. Mario kind of a girl.) Of course when James saw that he could buy Castlevania for $5.00 he remembered his vendetta against Dracula from 20 years before.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that today through all the blood, sweat, and tears, James finally defeated Dracula. As James puts it, "I've accomplished everything I want to in life. I can die a happy man." (Don't worry, guys. I'm pretty sure he's just kidding.) James was on top of the world. Nothing could take away the exhilirating feeling of saving the world from a murderous villan like Dracula...

UNTIL.... He saw what happens after you defeat Dracula. Which is... well nothing. Just credits; that's it. What a letdown!
Oh, well. At least the world is safe now!


Lee and Melody said...

I LOVE CASTLEVANIA!!! :) After Lee and I were first married and had all the freakin' free time in the world (had I but known), we used to play an old Super Nintendo almost every night, and my favorite game was Castlevania 4. It took me hours and hours to finally beat Dracula, and it was the biggest letdown ever. He just melted into a bunch of bats, and then all the bats die in the sunlight, and then it runs the credits. The end. Grr!
Still totally love that game, though.

corinne and paul said...

Ha that is funny. Paul did a similar thing once we got a Wii - except his game was 'Golden Axe' or something. It is a 2 player game so Paul had to recruit a friend to play with him (since I obviously was of no use in this department). They finally passed it after who knows how long of trying.

Maker said...

Hahaha! Brilliant!

I love Castlevania!

Go to this site and prepare to have your old school Nintendo mind blown.

Click on any of the letters in the top right corner and find any old NES game that your heart desires. Contra, Zelda, Mario 3, etc...

- Jake

Cheri said...

I love James!! He is so funny!! I can totally see and hear him! "I can die a happy man now!" Too funny! LIfe is never dull at your house with him!!