Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Blahs

I have a serious case of the January Blahs.

James went night time ice fishing on a weeknight during tax season in a snow storm while he is sick with a cold. He doesn't see my reasoning that it might not be a good idea. If he comes home dead I'm gonna be pissed.

Our playgroup at the church was interrupted today by a group of five men who wanted to play basketball. There were 17 of us there (including kids). They were basically like, "Oh sorry that we didnt reserve the building, and usually we're here on a different day, but we don't really care that you are already here with all of your kids and all of your things and this is the first time today that you have had a moment of peace where your kids haven't been throwing tantrums at the Target/ wiping their noses on the couch/ spilling an entire box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios on the kitchen floor that you just mopped, but we're here now and so you need to go home, get barefoot, and make dinner for your husbands." (At least that's the way I took it.) I was NOT going to leave. We were going to be there until 5:00. But then all the other moms started packing up their kids. WHY? I think women are too nice. To a fault. It was wrong for them to ask us to leave, and it was wrong for us to be so willing to do it.

I got a notice in the mail that Sparky's license is about to expire. GUESS WHAT DAVIS COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES? Sparky is dead. Thanks for the reminder.

Today on Facebook I read the following 'words': Adorbs and Presh. Apparently these are short for adorable and precious. It makes me want to throw up a little bit.

I think that's about it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

JJ turns six!

JJ with his birthday crown from school

He asked for a donut pyramid instead of a cake and I was happy to oblige!

Here he is with all of his presents minus the card he got from Grandma and Grandpa Brown- that came the next day.

We didn't do a friend birthday party this year. I have decided to do those every other year. Planning and hosting a kid's birthday party is not my idea of a good time; it is one of the things I dread as a parent! After we opened presents we took JJ to Boondocks and then to Artic Circle for dinner. It was a fun day!

Temple Square

We went to Temple Square to see the lights last month. James and I both hadn't seen them in a LONG time. I think the last time I went was when I was in young women's- at least 15 years ago. I was so glad that we went. The kids had a lot of fun. We parked at the Trax central station and then rode in the free zone. It was a fun night!

At the Ward Christmas Party...

Wesley played dead...

and then threw a big fit.

McKenna Makes Brownies

With her pants on backwards.