Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year in kindergarten JJ's class each got Indian names. JJ's was Running Wolf. Here he is in his whole Running Wolf outfit. Each feather on his hat thingey represents something that he learned. One was 'I know my address', one was 'I know my phone number', etc. He worked really hard all month and earned every feather.

Cute Wesley 17 months old

JJ playing Operation with Caidin and Wyatt

Jonathan carving the bird. (Next to the best damn mashed potatoes you ever ate. They worked FINE in the crock pot!)

The kid's table!

Me and The Man

There aren't many Thanksivings where you can send the kids outside to play!

Cheri painted McKenna's fingers and toes. She LOVED it!

Showing Daddy her cute toes

That night I went Black Friday shopping. I was in line at Toys R Us at 8:00pm. The doors opened at 9:00, but I didn't get in the store until 9:30. Then I shopped for about 30 minutes and got in line to check out at 10:00pm. That line lasted for TWO HOURS! By this time I was really regretting the Dr. Pepper that I drank right before leaving! I finally emerged at midnight with almost all of my shopping done for JJ's birthday, the kid's Christmas, and McKenna's birthday which are all in the next month and a half. VICTORY!

The next morning I hit up Shopko, Smith's Marketplace, Old Navy and Famous Footwear. It was a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We all look forward to our ward's Halloween party each year. Here are the kids at the Trunk or Treat.

JJ: Spiderman

McKenna: Rapunzel

Wesley: A Lion