Thursday, September 4, 2008

All By Myself

This week James went to Jackson Hole to do an audit. I wish I could have gone with him! My family had a cabin in Driggs, Idaho about an hour from Jackson when I was growing up, so that whole area holds a special place in my heart and my childhood memories. But it's really not fun for him either, since all he is doing is working.

So my goal for this week is not to become isolated and weird. I'm trying to get at least some adult human interaction once a day! Even if that means depositing a check at the bank or just window shopping for an hour or two. Luckily there are parks in our neighborhood where moms sometimes congregate. And I am really glad that I can have conversations with JJ too now- even though they are very basic. (They are sometimes very entertaining.)

Also, I just finished the whole Twilight saga. I have a real love/hate relationship with these books. I think I'll blog more on this later (since I have the time.) But I'm interested in what other people thought about the books. Did you like them?


Joanna said...

if you need some company at night call me and we can hang out. How long is he gone for? You finished the books good job!! I liked them but didn't at the same time.

Lee and Melody said...

I liked them for what they were- a nice work of supernatural fiction that wasn't too involved or heavy-handed and was just enjoyable to read. I've read them all several times (one of the side effects of insomnia) and really like them. They probably aren't going to go down among the greatest works of literature ever written, but they are certainly entertaining and an interesting twist on the vampire thing.
And I miss you! I wish you could have come up with James, it's so close to where I live. *sigh*