Monday, April 16, 2012

The baseball pants

Today I just had one little errand I needed to run: buy baseball pants for JJ. Luckily, JJ was playing at a friend's house so it was just McKenna and Wesley with me. Wesley woke up from his nap with croup. If I end up taking him in to the doctor this will be the 4th visit in a week and a half for our family. I am stressed out.

The whole way to the store, McKenna is crying/screaming/whining that she wants to play at her friend's house. I am trying not to yell. My friend calls me to ask if I've bought baseball pants yet. She is on her way to the store too. As I hang up the phone I realize that her car is right in front of me. A tender mercy.

When I pull into the parking lot I turn around to see that McKenna has crashed. The girl does not nap, she enters into a comatose state. You can not wake her up. Crap. James took the stroller out of the van this weekend. Crap. My friend who is getting out of her car notices, and offers to wait by my car when she is finished. I love her. We wait for about ten minutes.

I go in with Wesley, trying to hurry so I won't inconvenience my friend. What is that smell? Great timing, buddy. Pretend I don't smell anything. Keep shopping. Find the baseball pants. There are only two sizes left: XXS and XL. Crap. Ask guy for help- he will check in the back. Wesley falls. "Ouch, ouch!" Pick him up. He's good. Wesley plays with another baby while I wait. SMACK. Screams. The other boy hit Wes over the head with a baseball bat. I grab the XL and try to get the hell out of there.

I get back to the car, thank my friend, and buckle Wesley in. Why is there blood all over his pants??? Lift up pant leg. Oh my gosh. Ouch ouch is right. Wesley wants his milk. Where is it? Run back in to the store. Get on my hands and knees like a jackass looking under clothes racks for the sippy cup. Found it. I run back out to the car.

I start driving home. I have completed my errand. I want to cry. When JJ got home he tried on the pants. WAY too big.

It was all for naught.


Chris and Michelle said...

You are hilarious Marianne! This is so my life right now. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes we just have to laugh at all the chaos. What a crazy day! One of these days I'm going to invent drive through that not every mom's dream? No strollers, no carseat unbuckling and rebuckling, everyone stays restrained, no worries over the poop smells emenating from our children, no lost sippy cup worries...I think it'd be a big hit for the moms and seniors! Chris doesn't. But what does he know? ;)

Carrie said...

Oh dear! That is quite the adventure. Don't forget you can always drop them off here! I don't care if its fair between us! =o) I'm sorry you had to go through that though. I hate those days! That is probably why we have 100 errands to do and only do 1 a week or so!!

Emilee said...

Oh, Marianne...that sucks for you, but I love your writing so I ended up giggling the whole time just because of the way you tell it. I genuinely feel your pain though! A kid poops...I'm outta there! Sippy cup missing...I leave it for the birds! You are a good momma:)

Cheri said...

Oh yeah, I totally remember those days! Horrible! It does get better, believe me, it does.....But I have bitten my nails off to the nubbens, ate more chocolate than I care to mention and put myself in many timeouts to think absolutley NOTHING!