Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Mom Goes on a Mission!

My Mom was called to serve in the Europe Area Office in Frankfurt, Germany. She will be serving for 18 months.

Here we are in the Car pulling up to the MTC. Mom said that she wasn't nervous, but was very excited.

I like it that they make the young Elders unload all the bags for the senior missionaries.

Here's my Mom in her little dorm room at the MTC. Ten years ago she dropped me off in a similar room at Utah State!

Kissing McKenna goodbye. Sad!

Wesley's turn! *sniff, sniff* He won't remember her at all, I'm sure!

One last photo before Mom goes in.

It was exciting, but also really sad! We had an emotional goodbye and she was off to her new adventure....And then the next weekend I broke her out of there and we went to the Mall and out to lunch just like old times. :) Now she has been in Germany for a week. I miss her, but I love it that we can talk on the phone. Just yesterday we talked for half an hour!

Good luck on your mission, Mom!


Chris and Michelle said...

Aww, Marianne I have such mixed emotions over this post! I am so excited for your cute mom with such a great adventure ahead of her, but I have to admit it choked me up to see your goodbyes! That can't be easy! I am so glad to hear that you get to talk on the phone though. What a great experience for Marilyn- I'm so glad for her! Chris' aunt recently served a geneology mission at the LA Temple and she had the most amazing time and returned home with life long friends among so many other great things... I know your mom will do the same! Good for her & best of luck to sweet Marilyn!

Nonie said...

So great that the rules are so flexible for senior missionaries (kinda hard for me to think of your mom as "senior" for some reason). She will have the most wonderful 18 months. Can't wait to hear more about it!