Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok, as I re-read my post from last night, I can see that I was pretty harsh. Here are some clarifications.

1. I don't hate the people who run the HOA. Like I said in the post, all they are doing is enforcing the rules that are already in place. And I understand that they have a very difficult job, and that they put in a lot of work on our behalf.

2.Really, I just hate it that I am living where there is an HOA. If I had known what an HOA really was when we were looking for homes, I wouldn't have lived here. I thought that having an HOA just meant that I wouldn't have to do yard work. I am the type of girl who likes to handle her own business, and the lack of control that I feel about where my money goes, how the rules are enforced, what the rules are, how difficult it is to change the dumb ones, etc. frusterates me to no end. It is a control issue for me.

3. I do agree with almost all of the rules. But I do not agree with many of the measures the HOA takes to enforce them.

4.I do not hate the stupid guy. Maybe he just needed to blow off a little steam. I really don't know what he expected though, living around this many people. Did he think he would never hear anyone? Oh well, he probably thinks I'm stupid too. That's ok.


Amy said...

I don't think you were too harsh. And I hate that stupid guy too. And the person with the noisy car at 2am. And I think it's stupid that we can't all just get along the grown ups. And I hate the tow truck. And I hate being babysat by the HOA. Bad bad HOA. But I like my neighbors (except stupid guy, and guy with a loud car, and people who leave their dog poop in my way...not them) because mostly they're sane normal people who are kind enough to take my garbage to the curb when I forget.

Why can't THEY be the boss of the HOA?

Also, I hate that I didn't know there was a meeting last night and that I'm one of the "normal people who don't say anything or bother to go to the meetings" because I hate those people too.

I'm kinda grouchy this morning I guess.

Lee and Melody said...

My neighborhood dosn't care about itself enough to establish an HOA. Or if they did, they don't care to include me. We're so tight around here that a few months ago when someone tried to drop some music off at my house and she had the wrong address and accidentally went to my neighbors two doors down- they said they'd never heard of me. Yeah, we've only been neighbors for 2 and a half years. Huh. And I would be super frustrated too! It sounnds like some of those people would be better off starting a power-tripped-out Garden Club and running a dictatorship there instead. Leave the poor neighbors out of it.
I know, I know! You can move to Idaho and be MY neighbor! :)

Chachie32 said...

Oh Mariann, I am a huge fan of your blog, and this is why:
"I do not hate stupid guy. Maybe he just needed to blow off a little steam." and so on...
I love your writing, it's fun to read and I really enjoy your honesty.
Thanks for breaking up my day with something a lot more thoughtful than Little Einsteins.

Emily said...

Sorry, I was logged in as Nick, who is Chachie32. That last comment was from me! :)

Keenanonie said...

You are cracking me up. Thanks for warning me about the HOA! I think I don't want to live where there is one either. I never really knew about it before... (!)

Diana said...

I loved your post about the HOA! No need to apologize. I think there are way to many rules in this world. I wish people would stop regulating other people's lives and take care of their own business.

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Marianne, you make me smile :) You're definitely not the only person who feels that way. I have had this discussion with many people. Im sorry!!!