Friday, October 24, 2008

Facts in Five

Ok, I've been tagged by Melody to give facts about James.

Five things James Loves:
1. Me
2. Our Kids
3. The Wii
4. Football
5. The Gospel- it goes without saying, right?

Five things on James' To Do List:
1. Take the CPA exam
2. Pay off those darned student loans
3. Finish fixing up our backyard
4. Back up all of his music on the computer
5. Win the game of Madden he's playing right now

Five favorite Snacks:
1. Refrigerated Snickers (How is that different from room temp??)
2. Oreos
3. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
4. Chocolate covered raisins
5. Fruit Snacks

Five Things You Might Not Know About James:
1. His graduating class had 20 people in it (5 girls 15 boys)
2. I was his first girlfriend
3. He served a mission in San Fernando, California
4. He had his appendix taken out when he was 10
5. He was a junior in the Electrical Engineering program at Utah State when we got married. I thought I was marrying an engineer! But accounting suits him better- he really loves what he does.

Five Places James has Lived:
1. Willow Lake, South Dakota
2. Tulsa, Oklahoma
3. Mammoth, California
4. Logan, UT
5. Salt Lake City, UT

Five of James' Quirks:
1. He cannot make a normal smile in pictures. At one point his roomate's mother seriously thought that James had a mental disability because of the faces he makes in pictures!
2. He doesn't like to drive- if you ever see us in the car together I'll be driving. (This works out well because I'm a control freak and I love to drive)
3. He is constantly cracking his knuckles, neck, back, etc.
4. He loves to make charts and graphs of his scores on video games. (A true accountant. NERD ALERT!!)
5. He obsessively checks to make sure his car is locked. He will lock the door, check it 3 times, walk half way across a parking lot and then turn around and go back to start it all over again. (I keep asking him, Who's going to steal an 18 year old car???? And if they break in what are they going to steal, the snow scraper???)
I tag:
1. Amanda
2. Corinne
3. Joanna
4. Dana
5. Lindsay


Lee and Melody said...

That is great! I learned a lot about James. I laughed about the car-locking thing, because Lee is the TOTAL opposite. When we started dating he would not only leave the car unlocked, but the keys in the ignition! I broke him of that, but he still makes fun of me for being so anal about locking the car, even in our driveway.

jamirodana said...

What?! I'm tagged. Well, Jake is tagged. haha. I'll try to get to it soon, okay?
That is funny that James makes chart's about his scores.
Jake was in the Mechanical Eng. program at the U and switched to Acctg. too. Interesting.

Keenanonie said...

Yay for great chocolate-loving, appendix-less husbands like James! Did he win his game?

Emmy said...

Hi Marianne! I found your blog on facebook and just wanted to say your family is adorable. We (Brad, too) especially like your little girl's fangs. That's just what every little kid needs for Halloween!

Emmy (Gold) Hansen

Cheri said...

Totally funny things about James!! I know, I thought he would outgrow the wierd photo pictures! Good thing his senior pictures turned out!!

Anonymous said...

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