Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JJ Turns 4

Happy Birthday to my big boy yesterday. He had a great time and kept saying, "This is the best birthday, EVER!"

I like my sister's idea of not doing friend birthday parties until they are 5, so we didn't do one with his little friends this year. Honestly, that's one part of parenthood that I am dreading: friend birthday parties. Not my idea of a good time.

Another thing that I'm not so excited about? Making cakes that are not in the shapes of squares or rectangles. Here is my first attempt at making something different. Frosting it was such an ordeal that I was about ready to throw the whole thing out the window. Luckily, James stepped in and finished it before I got to that point.

James lifted the balloon ban and I think that was a good thing. McKenna didn't care at all that JJ was opening presents. I swear, to her, balloons are like crack.

JJ was really happy with all of his presents. Each year his Nana and Grandpa in South Dakota give him some of the Mr. Men books for his birthday and Christmas. I think that by next year he will have the whole set. (McKenna gets the Little Miss ones from them too.) Missing from the picture are the Bionicle and Viewfinder from my Mom.

We let him stay up late to play with his toys. He had so much fun. And I will admit it: I've always wanted a viewfinder.

In the meantime, we're all looking forward to James coming home from work so that I don't have to be a Bionicle while JJ is a Transformer. That's what dads are for. (And brothers. Maybe JJ will get one of those this year.)


Chris and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, JJ!
Great job on the fish cake with cupcake bubbles - that's adorable! I hear you on the cake frustration though - I almost threw Emmie's out the window too, last August. I'm totally buying a Costco cake for next year's birthdays. Way too much of a hassle for cuteness if you ask me! I'll hassle over decorations instead. At least with those I can prepare weeks in advance! :)

Adventures In China said...

Happy Birthday JJ!

Did you know I am coming back for a visit in January? I just decided this weekend. My grandma in Boise is not doing well, and I need to see her. I'm bringing back some cute things for y'all. See you soon!

And your mom told me your good news, yay!! Congratulations!

Lee and Melody said...

Love it. Looks like a fun party, and I agree, I am SO not looking forward to friend parties- in fact the only way I'll do them is to have parents come with their kids!

I wanted to say more, but I just heard an entire gallon ziplock of animal crackers get emptied onto the kitchen floor. *sigh* I'll e-mail you later. :)

Happy Birthday, JJ!

Jeff and Nanci said...

I'm guessing you're prego! That's great! I hope its a boy for JJ too. I love your family pictures. Happy Holidays!

Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

Congratulations on being pregnant! I'm so excited for you. :) You'll have to post what you're having if you find out. Your family's just getting cuter! Hope all is well for you guys.

Ryan & Keri said...

It goes so fast, huh? It looks like he had a great birthday, and I love the cake! Great job!

Keenanonie said...

Happy Birthday to JJ! It's hard to believe you have a 4-year-old. Wow. Good for James for stepping in before the explosion. Keenan knows exactly how he feels! ;)