Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bit about JJ and McKenna

Well, I thought I'd give a little update on the kids.

Lately, JJ has developed an imaginary friend named Jacob. JJ DOES have an actual, real-life friend named Jacob, and at first that's who we thought he was talking about. But they don't see each other often, and we soon realized that there is a pretend Jacob too.

It's Jacob this and Jacob that. Each day Jacob does something new and we get to hear about it. Today Jacob turned into a square robot. Yesterday Jacob turned into an alien. JJ says that Jacob is a big boy- that is the only description we have of him. Everything JJ talks about is in relation to Jacob. "When I grow up to be a big boy like Jacob..." or "Jacob likes this show" or "Jacob thinks this will be a good toy for JJ's birthday." At preschool JJ made a little 'All About You' book, and when the teacher asked him who is best friend was, JJ naturally said Jacob. When we ask where Jacob lives, JJ seems so annoyed, "In his HOUSE!" (Duh! Where else would he live?)

We love our JJ- he is so cute. He is really good at helping take care of McKenna. Today his primary teacher gave him a bag of candy, and he shared half of it with her. I didn't even ask him to. He holds her hand, and helps her all the time.

He is tall enough that he can start to help us unload the dishwasher. Every morning he knows it is his job to put away all the utensils. He loves to help. He is also in charge of feeding the dog, and letting him in and out throughout the day.

McKenna is a live-wire. She was such a mellow and easy-going baby but as soon as she turned one, someone flipped a switch. She is constantly running, screaming, LOUD as can be, and full of SO MUCH emotion and energy. We are working on helping her with her temper. She knows that she can't hit, and is pretty good about not hitting others, but she does hit herself. When she gets mad this is what happens:
2. She clenches her fists, holds her breath, and her little face turns red
3. She hits herself with both hands on the face and/or runs to the couch and SLAMS her face into it and/or flings herself onto the floor and rolls around.
4. She has hurt feelings because now she is both mad and has an owie so she covers her face and wails.
5. Then she comes to me for a big hug. (Even if I am the one who originally made her mad.)

This probably happens 10 times a day. I used to laugh, but now it's getting old. I'm trying to teach her to take deep breaths when she gets mad.

She also has an unhealthy obsession with balloons. If I get balloons for the kids it is not ok with McKenna if JJ has one. She must have ALL of them. If hers pops, it is like the end of the world. I honestly can't even describe it. And the hardest part about it is that balloons are EVERYWHERE! The grocery store, the craft store, the haircut place, other kid's houses, etc. McKenna yells, "Boos Boos Boos!" And at each public place I tell her, "No balloon today" and she has another tantrum. I used to buy them for her because they make her so happy, but it has gotten so bad that James has placed a ban on all balloons from our house. It is sad, but I must admit that it has been a lot more peaceful since the ban.

She is talking more and more. Her favorite thing to say is, *GASP* "OH NOOOOO!" (Yes, she does an audible gasp.) It is very dramatic and very cute. I love her to death. She has such a funny sense of humor. Whenever I tell her to say Mommy she says, "Cookie" because she knows it makes me laugh. She will say everyone else's name but only Cookie for Mommy. She loves to play peek-a-boo, and loves it when I sing to her. She loves the show, Super Why, or "Why Why" and knows that letters each have a name and meaning. (Although she doesn't know what those are) Every time she sees letters she points, and wants you to tell her what the letters are.

I think that as she is able to talk more and more, some of her frustrations will go away. I think that she will be a good little helper as she gets bigger, and has more ways to channel her energy. The busier I keep her, the easier things go.


Keenanonie said...

I loved this post, Marianne. Sounds like you live in a very eventful house! :) There must be some truth to what they say about girls being more emotional/dramatic than little boys!

Lee and Melody said...

It's so good to hear how things are going, and it's so good to know other mommies are out there laughing/crying/stressing/loving like I am! Give those kiddos a snuggle from me!

Diana said...

What a great update on the kiddo's. I really love your new family pictures. They are darling!

Chris and Tara said...

That *gasp* thing sounds adorable. I'll have to ask JJ if Jacob will sing with us in Primary. Ü

Marianne said...

Is it a coincidence that you are "Team Jacob" (whatever that means. I know it's from Twilight but what does it mean?) and JJ's imaginary friend's name is Jacob? Or could JJ be channeling Jacob from LOST? You know, I had an imaginary friend when I was little named Sally. Sally and I did everything together. We even started a club together, "The Milkweed Club." It was a pointless club where we collected milkweed from the yard.

-the other Marianne

Kristen said...

Marianne - It sounds like you are quite the busy mom. I love that JJ has an imaginary friend. Very cute! Motherhood is never dull, huh? Keep your chin up. I am certain that you are a terrific mother!