Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recent Events

McKenna is growing up fast. She loves to run and can play just as roughly as JJ, but she is definitely all girl. Today at the museum she discovered the play kitchen, and she stayed in there for the better part of an hour. (Good thing it's right next to the construction area- I can watch both kids at once.) She is starting to speak in three word sentences like "Bye bye Daddy." and "Thank you JJ." Here she is feeding her baby a bottle.

We decided that she should get her first haircut. This is what she looks like in the morning.

She didn't mind the haircut at all. I think it has helped that she's seen JJ do it so many times.

Notice in the video how she says, "CHEESE!" when she notices me with the camera!

And here is the After:

Now she has bangs and I can't decide if I really like them or not.

Later that day I caught them feeding each other potato chips. Notice that McKenna's hair is once again in her eyes. Oh well, eventually I hope it will go to the sides and not all forward.

Naked Babies in the Tub

I love these kids and know that I am a lucky Mom!

PS- I have MAD bongo skills!


Adventures In China said...

Aw, she is getting so big! Those are very cute pictures. Are those electronic bongos for a game? COOL. I had no idea you could do that! I am out of the technology loop...

Lee and Melody said...

That looks like a fun bongo game!

McKenna looks so cute with her new bangs, and I have decided it's a lost cause to keep little girl's hair out of their eyes. Love the bathtub pix. I want to take some, but Jana still slips around a little too much for me to let go for more than a second or two. And before I know it she'll be asking for my car keys. :)

Ryan & Keri said...

I LOVE her haircut! It looks so cute! And I love how she's so girly. It's amazing the difference between boys and girls-- so prevalent even at this age. And I'm so sorry to hear about all of your stress. I hope the 16th worked out okay. Now you just have to make it through the 26th. I'll say a prayer for you. Hang in there.

Amy said...

Your kids are adorable (as always) and who knew about the bongo thing? Next time I need a bongo player, you know I'm calling you. :)

Rachel said...

You aren't expected to lead the book discussion. Nobody ever really leads it, we all just start talking about it. Don't worry about that. I got the movie from NetFlix and haven't sent it back yet. Do you want to come over and borrow it?

Chris and Michelle said...

McKenna's haircut is so cute! I really need to get Emmie's cut soon. We love Cookie Cutter's! I always take Parker there. I know when I have more kids though that I won't be able to afford it anymore. But until then -- we think it's great. :)