Wednesday, August 13, 2008

JJ These Days

Every day around 7:00am or so JJ and I have the following conversation:

JJ: I need poscal (popsicle) Mommy.

Me: It's too early for a popsicle right now. You need to eat breakfast.

JJ (After some giving it some consideration): How 'bout orange poscal?

Me: How about toast?

JJ: How 'bout red?

Me: How about Eggos?

JJ: How 'bout green?

Me: How about cereal?

JJ: How 'bout purple?

This is a running dialogue between me and JJ for the rest of the day. I just alternate the type of food I want him to eat depending on what time of day it is. I am sooo tired of hearing about popsicles all day long, but on the other hand, they are a very powerful bargaining tool. We can pretty much get JJ to do anything we ask him to do if we bribe, umm I mean positively reinforce him with a popsicle.

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Lee and Melody said...

That's hilarious! Popsicles have about been banned from our house because Lee and Wyatt demonstrate the same level of skill when it comes to cleanliness with those things...and I HATE cleaning up the little cut-off tops everywhere. :)